Projects and grants

Every year, researchers carry out dozens of grant projects supported from Czech as well as foreign grant resources. Financial contributions from grants represent a significant source of income for CRH.

Operation Program Research, Development, and Education

Plants as a tool for sustainable global development

Grant recipient: UP Olomouc
Investigator: Prof. RNDr. Ivo Frébort, CSc., Ph. D.
Duration: March 2018 - October 2022

The aim of the project is to support research in the field of Biotechnology, acquisition of new instruments, recruiting scientific reinforcements, and cooperation with scientific workplaces abroad. The goal of researchers is to gain knowledge and develop techniques that enable breeding of economically important crops with higher yields and greater resilience to adverse climatic conditions, especially drought.

Development of pre-applied research in nanotechnogy and biotechnology

Grant recipient: UP Olomouc
Investigator: Mgr. Lucie Plíhalová, Ph. D.
Duration: July 2018 - December 2022

The aim of the project is to strengthen pre-application research of new nano- and biotechnologies to be used in agriculture, food industry, environmental protection and medicine, and prepare them for technology transfer. The project will create a bridge between the excellent research of CRH and RCPTM and the possible transfer of technology.

International grants

MŠMT (INTER-EXCELLENCE), LTV19019, Representation of the Czech Republic in the Executive Board of the European Federation of Biotechnology (2019-2021), Ivo Frébort

EU - Urban Innovative Actions, CLAIRO – Clear AIR and climate adaptation in Ostrava and other cities (2018 - 2022), co-investigator Karel Doležal (more)

MŠMT (INTER-EXCELLENCE), LTC18026, Analysis of 3D organization of nuclear genome in plants with contrasting amount of DNA (2018 - 2021), Aleš Pečinka

National grants

GA CR, 20-10019S, Genomic dominance as a force shaping evolution of plant wide hybrids, (2020 - 2022),  David Kopecký

GA CR, 20-25308S, Modulation of cyclin-dependent kinases for targeted tumours therapy with molecular-defined deregulation of G1/S cell cycle phase (2020 - 2022), Miroslav Strnad

GA CR, 20-15621S, Natural substances and their derivatives for neuroprotective therapy of Parkinson´s disease, (2018 - 2020), Miroslav Kvasnica

GA CR, 19-13637S, Roles of non-bilayer lipids and non-lamellar lipid phases in the structure, dynamics and function of plant thylakoid membranes (2019 – 2021), co-investigator Roman Kouřil

GA CR, 19-13848S, Analyzing repair of toxic DNA-protein crosslinks in Arabidopsis (2019 - 2021), Aleš Pečinka

GA CR, 19-05445S, Study of molecular mechanisms of vernalization in wheat (2019 - 2021), Jan Šafář

GA CR, 19-20303S, Karyotype structure and evolution in the banana family (Musaceae) (2019 - 2021), Eva Hřibová

GA CR19-13637S, Roles of non-bilayer lipids and non-lamellar lipid phases in the structure, dynamics and function of plant thylakoid membranes (2019 - 2021), co-investigator Roman Kouřil

GA CR, 19-00598S, Studium vývojových rolí superoxid dismutázy FeSOD1 s využitím mezioborových metod (2019-2021), Tomáš Takáč

GA CR, 19-18675S, Objasnění rolí aktinu, NADP oxidázy a strukturních sterolů ve vrcholovém růstu kořenových vlásků pomocí pokročilé mikroskopie a proteomiky (2019-2021), Jozef Šamaj

GA CR, 18-23972Y, Is Arabidopsis AHK4/CRE1 decoy receptor? (2018-2020), David Zalabák

GA CR, 18-12178S, Unusual light management strategies of Photosystem II in Norway spruce (2018-2020), Roman Kouřil

GA CR, GA18-10349S, Gibberellin biosynthesis and signal transduction - identification of novel targets for plant growth regulation, (2018 - 2020), investigator Peter Hedden, co-investigator Danuše Tarkowská

GA CR, GJ18-12338Y, E B chromosome evolution in the tribe Andropogoneae (2018 - 2020),  Nicolas Blavet

GA CR, GA18-12197S, Analysis of nuclear organization and dynamics in endosperm tissues of barley (2018 - 2020), Aleš Pečinka

GA CR, GA18-10349S,  Gibberellin biosynthesis and signal transduction - identification of novel targets for plant growth regulation (2018 - 2020), co-investigator Danuše Tarkowská

GA CR, GA18-06147S, Y chromosome dynamics in dioecious plants: intra- and interspecies genomic analysis of Silene latifolia and S. dioica (2018 - 2020), Jan Šafář

GA CR, GA18-11688S, Identification and characterization of T. militinae gene responsible for wheat APR resistence against powdery mildew (2018 - 2020, Miroslav Valárik

GA CR, GC18-14450, MITOCHROM: Changes in three-dimensional structure of plant core chromatine during cell cycle (2018 - 2020), Jaroslav Doležel

Ministry of Agriculture CR, QK1710302, Increased wheat resistance to drought, frost, powdery mildew and ear fusarium using genomics and proteomics methods (2017-2021), Jaroslav Doležel

GA CR 17-07805S, CRISPR-Cas barley genome editing: prospective tool for modern breeding (2017-2019), Véronique Bergougnoux

GA CR, 17-23702S, Distinct transcription factor families controlling meristem activity and organogenesis in Arabidopsis (2017-2019), Yoshihisa Ikeda

GA CR, 17-24500S Genetic and cell biology approaches to study regulation of YODA (MAP3K4) signaling by HSP90 proteins in Arabidopsis (2017-2019), Jozef Šamaj

GA CR, 17-14007S, Modulation of CDK and related molecular targets in aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphomas (2017-2019), Miroslav Strnad

GA CR, 17-05341S, Physical map of Ph2 region in hexaploid wheat (2017-2019), Jan Bartoš

GA CR, 17-13853S, Nuclear architecture in interspecific plant hybrids (2017-2019), David Kopecký

GA CR, 17-14048S, Spatial and temporal characterization of DNA replication in phylogeneticaly related plant species with contrasting genome sizes (2017-2019), Eva Hřibová

GA CR, 17-17564S, Dynamics and evolution of multigene ribosomal RNA loci in Triticeae (2017-2019), Hana Šimková

GA CR, 17-21581Y, Auxin homeostasis on subcellular level (2017-2019), Aleš Pěnčík

GA CR, 17-06548S, Foreign DNA in barley (Hordeum spp.) - are there any genomic enablers of horizontal gene transfer in grasses? (2017-2019), co-investigator Jan Šafář

Grants completed

Grants completed in 2014 – 2018 (previous grants are not listed here)

International grants

MSMT CR, 6. RP, 7AMB17DE009, Study on enzymes involved in the metabolism of purines, pyrimidines and cytokinins in plants (2016-2017), David Kopečný

MSMT CR, 6. RP, 7AMB17FR048, A comparative study of crown-root initiation at cellular and molecular levels in two cereals: barley and rice (2017-2018), Véronique Helene Bergougnoux-Fojtik

MSMT CR, 6. RP, 7AMB16PL051, Plant growth hormones crosstalk controls programmed cell death via regulation of cytokinin metabolism (2016-2017), Karel Doležal

Marie Curie Actions (Innovative Training Network), SE2B - Solar Energy to Biomass - optimization of light energy conversion in plants and microalgae (2016-2018), co-investigator Roman Kouřil

MSMT CR, LG15017, Cooperation with Bioversity International on analysis and global preservation of banana genetic diversity (BIOVERSITY) (2015-2017), Jaroslav Doležel

MSMT CR, LG15028, Representation of the Czech Republic in the Executive Board of the European Federation of Biotechnology (2015-2017), Ivo Frébort

MSMT ČR, LD14105, Development of marker panel for genotyping and molecular characterization of Blumeria graminis f.sp. Hordei isolates (2014-2017), Miroslav Valárik

MŠMT ČR, 6. FP, 7AMB15AT011, Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the performance of pseudotrypsin towards protein substrates as a contribution to proteomics (2015-2016),  Marek Šebela

MŠMT ČR, 6. FP, 7AMB15AT004, Effects of strigolactone analogues on subcellular distribution of dynamic PIN proteins in Arabidopsis (2015-2016), Petr Tarkowski

MŠMT ČR, 7AMB15AR011, Analysis of the role of cytokinins in the regulation of leaf senescence and N mobilization in genetically modified cereals in response to various abiotic stressors (2015 – 2016), Mária Šmehilová

MSMT CR, LG12021, Cooperation with Bioversity International on global analysis and preservation of banana genetic diversity (BIOVERISTY) (2012-2014), Jaroslav Doležel

MŠMT ČR, 6. FP, 7AMB13AR014, Analysis of the role of cytokinins in the regulation of leaf senescence and N mobilization in genetically modified cereals and recombinant substitution lines with improved grain protein content (2013-2014, completion in 2015), Mária Šmehilová

MŠMT ČR, LH13069, Characterization of novel ABC transporters in monocots (2013-2015), investigator Ludmila Ohnoutková

EC-Research Executive Agency, FP7-PEOPLE-2012-CIG, 322139, Structural response of photosynthetic apparatus to stress (2013-2016), Roman Kouřil

National grants

GA CR, GA15-15264S, Targeted transport of purine cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors into cancer cells (2015-2017), Vladimír Kryštof, co-investigator Tomáš Gucký

GA CR, GA15-22276S, Preparation of transgenic plants with increased stress resistance (2015-2017), co-investigator Ludmila Ohnoutková

GA CR, 16-21053S, Ecological genomic approaches to uncovering the adaptive significance of seed dormancy in legumes (2016-2018), co-investigator Miroslav Hýbl

NAZV, QJ1630301, Development of the new biotechnological systems for maintenance and improvement of agriculture crop and forest tree biodiversity (2016-2018), co-investigator Helena Stavělíková

GA CR, GA16-04184S, Study of the intracellular distribution of cytokinins and their transport to vacuoles (2016-2018), investigator Karel Doležal, co-investigator Ondřej Plíhal

GA CR, GA16-10602S, Role of fungus-borne phytohormones in the virulence process of plant pathogens from order Hypocreales (2016-2018), Petr Galuszka

GA CR, GA16-22044S, Regulation of phospholipase D alpha 1 function by MPK3-dependent phosphorylation (2016-2018), Jozef Šamaj

GA CR, GA16-24313S, Revisiting microtubule organization during plant cell division, growth and morphogenesis by super-resolution microscopy (2016-2018), Georgios Komis

GA CR, GJ16-07366Y, Regulation of enzymes activities in carnivorous plants (2016-2018), Andrej Pavlovič

GA CR, GA16-16992S, Chromosome genomics of Agropyron cristatum, a wild relative of wheat (2016-2018), Jan Vrána

GA CR, GJ16-07155Y, Characterization of meiotic recombination regions in bread wheat (2016-2018), Michaël Abrouk

GA CR, GA16-08698S, Origin and evolution of sex chromosomes in the dioecious plant Rumex acetosa (2016-2018), co-investigator Jan Šafář

GA CR, GA15-22322S, Molecular modulation of cytokinin metabolism in model plants Physcomitrella and maize focused on function of nucleosidases (2015-2017), investigator Miroslav Strnad, co-investigator David Kopečný

GA CR, GA15-16888S, Aromatic and isoprenoid cytokinins in poplar: biosynthesis and perception (2015-2017), Petr Tarkowski

GA CR, GA15-19266S, Modus operandi of cytokinin-sensing histidin kinases in plants (2015-2017), Lukáš Spíchal

GA CR, GJ15-17282Y, Chemical genetic analysis of role of cyclin-dependent kinases in cancer cell lines (2015-2017), Radek Jorda

GA CR, GJ15-08202Y, Synthesis of new brassinosteroids and study of their interaction with plant and animal receptors (2015-2017), Miroslav Kvasnica

NAZV, QJ1510098, New breeding lines of winter wheat for a more efficient use of inputs and with higher stress resistance (2015-2018), co-investigator Hana Pospíšilová

TA CR, TA04010627, Development of biodegradable functional foils and packages containing nutrients and active substances for utilization in plant production (2015-2017), Lukáš Spíchal

TA CR, TA04010331, Characterization and selection of C. sativa for food and non-food use by means of biotechnological processes and high-performance methods (2014-2017), co-investigators Karel Dušek, Elena Dušková

TA CR, TA04020547, Progressive biotechnology based on new synthetic cytokinin derivatives to obtain doubled haploid lines of caraway, linseed and pea (2014-2017), co-investigator Karel Doležal

TA CR, TH01030748, Support of bumble-bees in landscape (2015 - 2018), co-investigators Karel Dušek, Elena Dušková

NAZV, QJ1510160, New technologies of biological active substances isolation from medicinal and aromatic plants as sources of active substances of botanic pesticides and dietary supplements (2015 - 2018), co-investigators Karel Dušek, Elena Dušková

NAZV, QJ1510047, Utilization of synergic effects of cannabis, honey and propolis for supportive therapy of mammary gland infection (2015 - 2018), co-investigators Karel Dušek, Elena Dušková

GA CR, GA15-19284S, Study of KATANIN1 phosphorylation and microtubules fission in Arabidopsis (2015-2017), Jozef Šamaj

NPU I, LO1204, Sustainable development of research in the Centre of the Region Haná, (2014-2018), Ivo Frébort

AV CR, Praemium Academiae 2012, (2012-2018), Jaroslav Doležel

GA CR, GA13-08786S, Chromosome arm 3DS of bread wheat: its sequence and function in allopolyploid genome (2013-2017), Jan Bartoš

NAZV, QJ1310227, New findings from biology, epidemiology and resistance of winter rape pathogens to pesticides in the Czech Republic as a base of their integrated management (2013-2017), Radoslav Koprna

GA CR, P501/12/G090, Evolution and function of complex plant genomes (2012 - 2018), Jaroslav Doležel (co-investigator)

GA CR, P501/12/P160, Cytokinin deactivation in Arabidopsis thaliana - different roles of cytokinin glycosyltransferases isoforms? (2012 - 2014), Mária Šmehilová

AKTION ČR-Rakousko, 74p4,  Ekonomické aspekty zimních ztrát včelstev a výzkum imunity včel (2016), Jiří Danihlík

GA CR, P501/12/2220, Sex chromosome evolution – chromosome-specific genomics in genus Silene (2012-2016), Roman Hobza, Jan Šafář (co-investigator)

GA CR, P501/12/0161, Cyanobacterium Nostoc as a genetic and functional model for the plant cytokinin hormone metabolism (2012 – 2016), Ivo Frébort

GA CR, GA13-28093S, Impact of temperature and photosynthetically active radiation on dynamics of regulation of photosystem II function in higher plants (2013 – 2016), co-investigator Roman Kouřil

GA CR, GA13-04454S, Foreign genetic material in Elymus repens and other Triticeae grasses: its nature, origin, and evolutionary implications (2013-2016), co-investigator Jan Šafář

GA ČR, GA14-34792S, New analytical approaches in phytohormone analysis (2014-2016), investigator Ondřej Novák, co-investigator Danuše Tarkowská

GA ČR, GP14-27669P,  The study of molecular mechanisms of anticancer and antiangiogenic activities of brassinosteroids (2014-2016),  Lucie Rárová

GA ČR, GA14-07164S, Cloning and molecular characterization of wheat QPm-tut-4A gene conferring seedling and adult plant race nonspecific powdery mildew resistance (2014-2016), Miroslav Valárik

GA ČR, GP14-07418P, Mode of action of cytokinin signalling antagonists in the cadmium stress – prevention of uptake or increased sequestration? (2014-2016), Markéta Gemrotová

GA ČR, GA14-12355S, Whole transcriptome study of transgenic barley with altered cytokinin homeostasis (2014-2016), Petr Galuszka

GA ČR, GP14-27598P, Mitogen-activated protein kinase-dependent phosphorylation and functional regulation of cytoskeletal End binding 1c protein (2014-2016), Anna Doskočilová

GA ČR, GA14-28443S, Dark matter in plant cell nuclei – characterization of nuclear proteins (2014-2016), investigator Marek Šebela, co-investigator Beáta Petrovská

AKTION CZ-Austria, 71p6, Honey bee colony losses in Austria and Czech Republic and relation to the bee immune system  (2015), Jiří Danihlík

MŠMT, LK21306, Targeted Metabolite Profiling of Plant Growth Regulators (2013-2015), Ondřej Novák

OP VaVpI, CZ.1.05/3.1.00/14.0302, New technologies in chemistry and biology at UP (2014-2015), Lubomír Lapčík (common project with RCPTM centre)

OP VaVpI, CZ.1.05/3.1.00/14.0327, New biotechnological products of IEB ASCR (2014-2015), Miroslav Strnad

AV ČR, Program for perspective human resources – salary support for postdoctoral students in Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR (2014-2015), Jana Čížková

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0172, BIONEXT – Innovation of experimental biology study for laboratory medicine, (2013-2015), Tomáš Gucký

GA CR, GA13-29294S, Photonic biosignals: measurement and characterization (2013 – 2015), co-investigator Pavel Pospíšil

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0165, Integration of research team of the Centre of the region Haná into international collaboration (INTERHANA), (2012 – 2015), Ivo Frébort

GA CR, P506/12/1320, Will orchids reshape our understanding of genome-wide processes? Solving the enigma of progressively partial endoreduplication (2012-2015), Jan Vrána (co-investigator)

GA CR, P501/12/0597, Production of ergot alkaloid during the interaction of rye plant (Secale cereale) with fungus Claviceps purpurea (2012 – 2015), Petr Galuszka

GA CR, P501/12/2554, Physical map of wheat chromosome arm 7DS and its use to clone a Russian wheat aphid resistance gene (2012-2015), Hana Šimková

GA CR, GAP501/11/1764, Plant stress signaling by mitogen‐activated proteinkinases: from basic research Arabidopsis to biotechnological applications in plants (2011-2015), Jozef Samaj

TACR, TA01010861, Research, testing and production of targeted growth regulators, new fertilizers and combined products for plant production (2011-2015), Lukáš Spíchal

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0057, Development and internalization of biophysic research of Faculty of Science, Palacky University Olomouc (2012-2014), Petr Ilík

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.0309, Innovation and attractiveness increasing of biophysics (2011-2014), Petr Ilík

OP VK, CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0084, Příprava absolventů přírodovědeckých oborů pro uplatnění v evropských biotechnologických institucích (BIO-TECHNO), (2012-2014), Ivo Frébort

GA CR, P501/12/P455, The role of mitogen-activated protein kinases (MPKs) in barley responses to Puccinia hordei attack (2012 – 2014), Pavel Křenek

GA CR, P503/12/P166, The products of oxidative degradation of phenolic compounds in plant foods (2012-2014), Jiří Grúz

GA CR, GAP501/11/0504, Genome interactions in interspecific hybrids xFestulolium (2011-2014), David Kopecký

GA CR, GAP501/10/1141, Tissue- and organelle-specific compartmentation of metabolism and cytokinin perception in maize (2010-2014), Petr Galuszka

MPO, FR-TI3/383, Výzkum a vývoj modulárního systému fytotronových komor s nízkou energetickou spotřebou (2011-2014), Ivo Frébort

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