Experts described current condition of bioeconomics in the Czech Republic

Illustrative photo: Martina Šaradínová
Sunday 15 November 2020, 22:59 – Text: Martina Šaradínová

The current condition and perspectives of bioeconomics in the Czech Republic are described in an article in New Biotechnology. Among its co-authors are also Ivo Frébort and Michaela Holecová from CRH and other members of the Platform for Bioeconomics of the Czech Republic, at whose September meeting the publication was presented.

"This is the first work of its kind in the country. The Czech Republic does not yet have a national strategy for the bioeconomy, only partial strategies are available. Therefore, our goal was to describe the current state of bioeconomy in various sectors of the economy, from agriculture to, for example, food and pharmaceutical industries. We also quantified the share of the bioeconomy in individual sectors and defined the strongest “players” who come up with innovative technologies,“ explained Michaela Holecová, Vice-Chair of the Platform for Bioeconomics from CRH.

In the article entitled Current condition and future directions of bioeconomy in the Czech Republic, the authors also defined possibilities for further development of the bioeconomy. They see these, among other things, in new methods of plant breeding, which allow precise genome modification and which can contribute to increased production of economically important crops with the desired characteristics.

"These crops are then not only a source of food, but also serve, for example, as feed, for energy production or as biomass. It is therefore necessary to push for a change in European legislation, which now prohibits EU Member States from growing genetically modified organisms. This change is supported not only by a number of scientists from all over Europe, but also, for example, by the European Federation of Biotechnology," said biochemist Frébort.

According to the authors, one of the important premises for the development of the bioeconomy in the Czech Republic is the coordination of activities of individual ministries. The Bioeconomy Platform will therefore initiate the establishment of an inter-resolute body, or the mandate of a single ministry, to ensure a uniform approach.

"The intention of the platform is also to maintain and establish new contacts with progressive bioeconomic entities, especially within the EU, however also outside it. The aim will be to support and raise the level of national bioeconomic activities to above average levels compared to existing European initiatives. The platform will look for ways to increase financial support for selected bioeconomic activities and thus contribute to achieving the goals of the innovation strategy," added the chairman of the Platform for Bioeconomics of the Czech Republic and another one of the authors Miroslav Hájek from the Czech University of Agriculture.